Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Blackball. What 2020 Gave Us.

First, let's take a look at the good news.

Blackball is honoured to participate in Art Not Shame's #ArtGives campaign, which speaks to the "need for opportunities to connect across isolation." 

Feel free to view Blackball's video testimonial now on Instagram.

The bad news? Like Art Not Shame and so many other community-engaged arts organizations, our work has been turned upside down and inside-out by COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Because Blackball electronic music workshops are not deliverable on-line, our operations have been suspended indefinitely.

But the lockdown has turned out to be a gift for us. We've had time to reflect on the work of our project, the needs of our participants and, most importantly, how to serve them better. So we're restructuring our organization, forging new partnerships and researching new ways to teach and inspire through electronic music. We think we can build a better, stronger Blackball to meet the needs of the post-pandemic universe.

We have so much more to give!

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