Monday, September 12, 2022

Blackball. It's Yours.

Blackball's board president has been asking me to organize a benefit show for too long.

It's also been too long since we were able to safely deliver our innovative electronic music education programming. 

But it's all yours, and it's all coming back.

This October at an Upper Grand District School Board public school near you we'll be reintroducing in-person Blackball workshops.

In order to make these workshops possible, we're holding the very first Blackball Benefit.

The Blackball Benefit will take place Friday 30 September and feature a live performance by Guelph's own Transstar, who will perform her new track, Yours.

Delivering free electronic music education costs. Gas is like gold. We're turning to the community for help.

Join us at The Cornerstone. It's 10 dollars at the door, and the curtain rises at 8:00 sharp.


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