Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Blackball Benefit II.

We are truly thrilled to announce the Second Annual Blackball Benefit.

Blackball Benefit Part Two takes place at 7:30 PM at Silence, 46 Essex Street.

Blunderspublik, Terrible Edie and Transstar have generously agreed to perform.

As faithful readers of this blog will know, Blackball delivers electronic music tools and teaching to children and youth living in under-resourced communities. 

And because Blackball's programming is free to participants and currently receives no funding, we organize benefit concerts to cover the cost of transportation and maintenance of the numerous, very finicky instruments we need to keep the program going.

To attend the Second Annual Blackball Benefit, tickets are purchaseable at this Eventbrite link

We want our amazing electronic music to be heard by as many as people as possible. But space at Silence is limited. To those generous souls who wish to support Blackball but are not able to attend in person, please contact us at blvckbvll@gmail.com to arrange a targetted donation, instead of reserving a seat. (And if you want to come but can't afford the ticket...contact us about that, too. We'll figure something out!)

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